current research/ practice activities

I have recently completed the ‘self-build’ of a garden room at my home in Leicestershire. The self-build was undertaken with my father, a retired steel worker with no building experience, and my 17 year old (at the time) son, a wake boarding enthusiast with a healthy dis-interest in architecture.

photo credit: Charlie Stacey

I am also currently engaged with –

  • research regarding Architecture & Well-being:– Leicester Healthy City Transect – a pilot project exploring how data and expertise from architecture, urban design, planning and public health can throw light upon designing for better urban health. The research builds upon projects undertaken in professional practice, projects involving naked street design, and including  British Heart Foundation funded research by Bristol University into the effects of built environment changes on residents (see ‘the Dings home zone’ in diverse perspectives article in Science Direct).
  • Leicester School of Architecture’s Cities & Urbanism research theme, part of the School’s Architecture Research Institue;
  • Leicester Urban Observatory  – Leicester Urban Observatory is a working forum for collaboration between DeMontfort, Leicester and Loughborough Universities and Leicester City Council. It aims to
    > promote a combined technical centre of excellence in critical urban studies and planning;
    > provide a shared platform for academic and technical discussion of urban issues;
    > promote and deliver events and projects
    > develop and collaborate on joint research/study opportunities
    > share expertise, resources and collaborate to add value to partner programmes and activities
    > provide a focal point and link into other professional networks and academic Institutes and associations relevant to the urban agenda